Fairholme Colony School Residency

In May of this year, I had the opportunity to teach my experimental photography program at Fairholme Colony School outside of Portage La Prairie. The time I spent there was really transformative! The students charmed me right from the beginning and we spent the first day collectively observing and drawing the camera obscura (set up inside the classroom). Next we transfered the drawings to canvas and began to paint the mural. We were done early and so on the second day we collected natural materials and created solar prints. Finally on the last day we built pinhole cameras and tried out Harman Positive B/W Paper for our pinhole prints.   The students taught me as much about living in a Colony as I taught them about photography! I have to say it was a very warm and cherished experience. A very big thank you to Serena Maendel, your thoughtfulness, determination and forward thinking are such an inspiration!

Above are photographs I took (with my Hasselblad), while staying in Fairholme, and further below you will find documentation of the camera obscura / mural component of the residency.