The Edmonton Remand Centre (ERC) Newspaper is a daily record of chalk messages, written by family members and friends of the ERC inmates, on the sidewalk outside the Edmonton Remand Centre. Anyone can write a message in The ERC Newspaper. The content changes daily as the messages are washed away by The ERC janitorial staff.
Messages To: The Edmonton Remand Centre Newspaper explores communication in urban spaces. This collection of medium-format colour photographs documents the life of the chalk message and begins to access the complex situation of Remand Centres, while offering a lasting record of fleeting sentiments. Messages To: is currently taking form through a book, a series of post cards and a transit art installation; posters displayed in the advertisement slots in the Land Rail Transit (LRT) Stations across Edmonton. Messages To: works to open up a public discourse about the Bill C-10 “Safe Streets and Communities Act” and acknowledge the individuals and families being effected by the relocation of the Edmonton Remand Centre.

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Proof 20 Exhibition, Gallery 44 (401 Richmond Building Toronto, Ontario) June 21-July 26, 2013

Generously supported by The Winnipeg Art Council, The Alberta Foundation for the Arts & The Manitoba Arts Council