Lindsey Bond CV

Lindsey Bond is a lens-based artist, art educator, beader and Mother whose work explores socio-geographic issues in Canada. As a third generation Canadian, she creates pervasive imagery through a settler lens, exposing our need to reconnect with the ground we live on. Bond works with a photo-documentary ethic as a lift-off point to create street level photographic and postcard installations, books and video.

Bond’s practice focuses on collaborations and alliances between indigenous and settler communities to further investigate Canadian perception of space, memory and identity. Current projects include: investigating the shifting ground surrounding defunct rail-lines in Manitoba, and the bridge as a metaphor for personal transformation.

Lindsey received her BFA in Photography from Emily Carr University of Art + Design and studied Visual Communications in Edinburgh, Scotland. Bond’s work has been exhibited across Canada including: Gallery 44; offsite installation on King and Spadina, Toronto; Latitude 53 Contemporary Visual Culture; public transit installation in the Edmonton LRT, Harcourt House Arts Centre and The Richmond International Film + Media Arts Festival.

Recently, Lindsey was recently awarded the MAC Deep Bay Residency in Riding Mountain National Park during the summer of 2016 to create Negotiating Spaces: Ghost Lines. This project investigates the shifting ground between the sacred and forgotten; the effects of defunct rail-lines in Manitoba. Composed of medium-format photography, audio and text, this project strives to create an alternate archive of stories and images that are not in the history books, rather those that live in the memory of the people, communities and land effected by the railway.

In 2016, Lindsey worked on Imagine Home, a Youth WITH ART Community Art Project with seven youth from Among Friends, a Community Living Winnipeg program. Supported by the Winnipeg Arts Council and City of Winnipeg, the youth investigated their relationship to place and identity through photography, drawing and writing culminating in a collection of zines and exhibition of colour holga photography. 

In June of 2015, She was a guest artist on Train of Thought, a community arts journey (with a company of 30+ artists, writers, dancers and philosophers) from west-coast to east-coast of Canada focusing on collaborations and alliances between First Nations and settler/immigrant artists and communities. For more info please visit:

In 2012, Lindsey released her first book of photography "Messages To: The Edmonton Remand Centre Newspaper". This publication extended her first public art project, exhibited in the Edmonton Light Rail Transit (LRT), funded by The Alberta Foundation for the Arts.

Lindsey is currently based in Winnipeg, via Vancouver and was born and raised in Edmonton.

Photographs by Laina Brown

Wasagaming Lake, Riding Mountain National Park, Deep Bay Residency

Wasagaming Lake, Riding Mountain National Park, Deep Bay Residency

As an Art Educator, Lindsey has a multi-disciplinary approach to teaching that is firmly rooted in the belief that art exists in everyday life and everyone has the potential to think and be creative. As an Artist in the Schools, through the Manitoba Arts Council, As an Artist in the Schools, she teaches Experimental Photography, a program that uses antiquated photographic equipment and processes, to create a classroom size Camera Obscura, pinhole cameras and/or light shape mural. Lindsey teaches students to slow down image-making by using skills and intuition to make visual decisions that communicate their unique perspective.  She has taught traditional and digital photography classes to all ages at: The Children’s Museum, The Art Gallery of Alberta, and Artist-Run-Centers including: PLATFORM centre for photographic + digital arts and Harcourt House, and Community Living Winnipeg.

Experimental Photography at Hapnot Collegiate, Flin Flon, MB

Experimental Photography at Hapnot Collegiate, Flin Flon, MB

Ancient Selfie: An Exploration of 4 x 5 Camera Portraiture by Art City Participants
P_ 121 wall @ PLATFORM centre for photographic + digital art. Image by Art City Inc.