Artist Talk + Workshop @ NorVA Flin Flon MB

Sites of Strength and Resilience

Sunday, May 14. 1-2pm

Lindsey will begin discussing sites of strength and resilience in the context of motherhood and nationhood, touching on her long term investigations into memory, land and identity.

Supported by her last two bodies of work Negotiating Spaces and Bridge Meditations, Lindsey will touch on her experience at the MAC Deep Bay Residency in Riding Mountain National Park during the fall of 2016 where she worked on her evolving series Negotiating Spaces; Ghost Lines. This project investigates the shifting ground between the sacred and forgotten; the effects of defunct rail-lines in Manitoba. Composed of medium-format photography, audio and text, this project strives to create an alternate archive of stories and images that are not in the history books, rather those that live in the memory of the people, communities and land effected by the railway. From there, she will discuss her lastest series Bridge Meditations. This photographic and video work recently created during Wood Land School, Summer Institute at Plug In ICA, follows the movement of woman and birds across the Louise, Arlington and Slaw Rebchuck bridges in Winnipeg. Bridge Meditations, initially inspired by Daphne Odjig's Thunderbird Woman, looks to investigate the bridge and the bird as they relate to transformation, strength and meditation. Using walking as a methodology, this new body of work raises questions about our experience of bird and bridge and the movement towards reconciliation.


How to Photograph your artwork
Sunday, May 14 2:30-4:30pm

In this two-hour workshop, participants will learn how to professionally photo-document artwork. We will begin the workshop by covering the fundamentals of photo-documentation including: the correct positioning of artwork, choosing cameras and appropriate lenses, reviewing light conditions, white balance, as well as focus and composition. During the workshop we will explore the pros and cons of natural lighting and studio strobe lighting, sinc cord vs. wireless remote sinc and paper or material backdrop. We will also touch on necessary tips and tricks such as how to water-level your tripod and camera, as well as some in-a-pinch DIY photo-documenting equipment and skills!

Participants are encouraged to bring their own camera, memory card and tripod, as well as two or three-dimensional artwork to photo-document.