Ancient Selfies: Exploration of 4x5 Camera Portraiture

Ancient Selfies: Exploration of 4x5 Camera Portraiture
P_121 Wall at PLATFORM centre for photographic + digital arts
Opening reception: October 5th, 5:00pm  
Art City Inc.

Over the Summer of 2015, Art City's participants explored the concept of contemporary portraiture (the selfie) using a 4x5 camera and expired black and white 4x5 sheet film. Each participant learned how to use the rare camera and put their own spin on a historic process.

Art City’s Black and White Film Photography program has been running every week for more than 15 years, and is one of the last dark rooms left in Winnipeg. Under the guidance of instructor Lindsey Bond, and with help from regular volunteer Duncan McNairnay, new participants continue to discover and master the magic of traditional photography well into this digital age.

Thanks to Duncan McNairnay, who made his 4x5 camera available and donated film. We would also like to thank the Manitoba Museum for donating a 4x5 enlarger that made developing the photographs possible.