Undergraduate video installation (2008) was projected upon panoramic photographs printed and mounted into the corner of the gallery.  This sister series was filmed between Edinburgh, Scotland and Vancouver, Canada 


is a dual-video installation exploring the movement of thought: between the reality of experience and the constructed- memory, via Scotland and Canada.  In this installation, the filmed footage of traveling across The Firth of Forth Bridge (Edinburgh) by train and The Lions Gate Bridge (Vancouver) by car, are projected overtop still photographs taken at two terminus points: Leith Port and False Creek. 

At the time of the filming, both of these locations were under construction and in-between two states of development. The bridge as a physical structure joins two pieces of land and may act as a metaphor connecting two places of thought; between reality and memory. 

The areas of Leith Port, Edinburgh and False Creek, Vancouver act as stages where an exchange between the horizon-line and the viewer’s perspective evolve and merge together.  While experiencing this installation one is constantly readjusting focus between the placement of self within the familiar and the distant; the landscape and perception.