Bridge Meditations and  Flight Patterns

Work In-Progress

Bridge Meditations is inspired by a number of personal journeys across the Arlington, Slaw Rebchuck and Louise bridges while I was living in Winnipeg's North End.  This work explores walking as a methodology asking who was here on this land before me? who and what has been left out of the frame? how does the railway affect Canadian identity and memory today?  I am curious about traditional movement across and along the river, as well as my movement as a guest living on Treaty 1 Territory. This work is also about challenging the bridge as a Western European structure and investigating these three bridges as sites of personal transformation and decolonization through daily movement.

Video triptych created with Peatr Thomas, Angus Cruikshank and Dawn Lavand. To be completed Dec 2018.

During the 2016, I participated in Wood Land School Residency at Plug in ICA, facilitated by Jaimie Issac and Duane Linklater. The theme, Daphne Odjig's Thunderbird Woman, was influential to this work as well. When I look at Daphne Odjig’s Thunderbird Woman, I saw her shifting between two bodies; two worlds; two perspectives, while at the same time Thunderbird Woman is cohesive and strong. I am prompted to ask: how do Indigenous and settler paths intertwine and crossover when there are different value systems, politics and relationships with the land? This work moves to open up a conversation about making good, investigating safe spaces/sacred spaces and flight patterns.

 Thunderbird Woman, 1973, serigraph on paper. Collection of the Winnipeg Art Gallery.

Thunderbird Woman, 1973, serigraph on paper. Collection of the Winnipeg Art Gallery.

Installation at Wood Land School, Plug In Institute for Contemporary Art, Winnipeg, MB, August, 2016